VM-Fi ™ - Edge Communication

- Lower 50% Business OPEX/CAPEX

- An edge audio broadcasting tech. Allowing a location scaling connects to thousands of wireless devices/users with 5G/AI/APP/ICT as a service. 


VM-Fi ™ - The world's 1st ever edge audio solution with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Taiwan. VM-Fi ™​ can solve your high-cost radio business pain points by implementing smartphone generation tech to lower 50% OPEX/CAPEX / 75% maintain hour and 98% hardware quantity for business. We currently serve Taiwan / Hong Kong market corporates & institutions. Also, we work with the dealer for Travel agencies in Taiwan from June 2019 to provide a one-stop service at the international airport counter. VM-Fi ™​ designed to empower partners business to grow and succeed in their industry.


  • The radius of 50 m

  • No Internet required

  • Make Smartphones* become the group guide device


*Let us know how many connections you need,

We can offer a solution.

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