VaaS Wireless Broadcast Whisper Solution 

  • Tourism Tour

  • Museum Exhibitions

  • Business & Factory Tour

  • Conference Interpretation


World’s 1st Whisper VaaS Solution

VM-Fi ™ - Edge Voice Communication

- Lower 50% Business OPEX/CAPEX

- An edge audio broadcasting tech. Allowing a location scaling connects to thousands of wireless devices/users with 5G/AI/APP/ICT as a service. 


VM-Fi ™ from Maxon Creative is a VaaS (Voice as a Service) solution for MICE. Allowing a location scaling connects to many of wireless devices/users. Made B2B revenue since launching in Taiwan in June 2019 (200% YOY growth, zero marketing budget) and had 3 service distributors in the first year in Taiwan & Hong Kong. VM-Fi is to help worldwide people meeting communication voice as a service.

- 2020 ResorTECH Grand Pix Award, Japan
- 2020 Shortlist of Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge
- Successful tenderer in the Ministry of Economic Affairs SME Public Procurement for Taiwan Government 2019-2020-2021 




1 to Many

  • The radius of 50 m

  • No Internet required

  • Make Smartphones* become the group guide device



*Let us know how many connections you need,

We can offer a solution.

200+ %
More YOY Profit
Reduce costs with proven technology from Taiwan to keep tourist guide focus on serving tours and save staff on regular maintenance that plus more than the rental fee.
12 Hour
World-Class Battery
Even non-stop continuous service. The world-class battery from Japan offers power.




Maxon Creative Inc / 麥成文創有限公司

We are looking at the EU/Asia country distributor

Please contact us, if you like VM-Fi 

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